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Reaching Men Through Pregnancy Resource Center Ministry

Thirty years and counting after Roe vs. Wade, the relationship between abortion and the loss of fatherhood is only now being widely considered. The self-centered mantras of the abortionists and feminists have been efficacious in excising fatherhood from all debate and dialogue. As Christians we have focused on the loss of life of the children

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Three Areas of Healing After Abortion

Those who suffer after abortion may need healing in three areas. These areas include the psychological or emotional, the spiritual, and the physical. Psychological/Emotional While relief is often the first emotion experienced after abortion, many women & men also experience painful emotions such as sadness, grief, anger, anxiety, and guilt. They may suffer from symptoms

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Choosing a Qualified Therapist or Counselor

Understanding psychotherapy – Psychotherapy is a joint venture between the client and the therapist. The therapist doesn’t ‘fix’ the problem. Rather, the client and the therapist work together to problem-solve and to identify various means by which the client may overcome a problem, feel better, and enjoy life more. The therapeutic relationship involves mutual respect

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