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The Unseen Victims of Ireland’s Vote

The recent referendum in Ireland dealt a devastating blow to the nation’s efforts to protect their most vulnerable and defenseless citizens. By a margin of two-to-one its voters overturned constitutional protections for unborn babies from the moment of conception. The result will be abortion on demand throughout 12 weeks and up to viability (24 weeks)

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Bringing Fathers Back Into The Equation

It takes a spine of steel in today’s political climate to introduce this type of legislation. Did the bill’s sponsor anticipate the level of vitriol he’d receive in response? Regardless of the likelihood of its success, this was a positive move to give voice to those who have been all but forgotten in the abortion

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The High Calling of Fatherhood

To a high school quarterback in his senior year, a football scholarship to a Division I college means a bright future—maybe even a pro career. In 2012, that was the future of Sam Riddle of Century High School in Portland, Oregon. He’d turned his high school team around and earned a shot on a bigger

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