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Fatherhood AbortedFatherhood Aborted addresses the emotional devastation of men involved in abortion. Discusses the aftershocks of abortion, including violence, addictive behaviors, isolation, resistance to authority, and difficulty bonding with women and children. Includes personal accounts of post-abortive men’s own experiences and shows that the path to forgiveness and healing is found in a vital relationship with Christ. Order from Amazon or email Warren Williams.

Redeeming a Father's HeartRedeeming A Father’s Heart presents the powerful stories of 10 courageous men with the common desire to present the truth of their abortion experience and the consequences of this life changing decision. Order.

Men and Abortion: A Path to HealingMen and Abortion: A Path to Healing focuses on the problems experienced by post-abortive men, including anger, helplessness, guilt, relationship problems and grief. The steps toward healing are described in terms of each of these problems. An excellent aid not only for post-abortion men, but for all those who care for and counsel them. Order.

Sons of AdamSons of Adam is a prayer and companion workbook to Men and Abortion: A Path To Healing. The central need is a safe place where a man can tell his story with neither complacency nor condemnation. Offers short scripture readings,  traditional prayers, other men’s stories, questions for reflection, and simple blessing prayers. Order.

House of EsauThe House of Esau manual, written by a post-abortive father, details a process designed to alleviate some of the stresses experienced by a father who has lost a child to abortion. Included also are some of the understanding gained by various Men and Abortion Network members. Order.

Letters to PilgrimThrough letters written more than 40 years after the author lost his daughter to elective abortion, Letters to Pilgrim shares the author’s life and the life he imagines his daughter might have lived. His pain and his hard-won peace are candidly shared with his readers. Order.

Dearest AngelIn Dearest Angel, the author shares the depth of his pain as a post-abortive father. He has done a great service to those who walk where he has walked and those trying to understand the pain of a father who has lost his child to abortion. Order.

Forgiveness: I Just Can't Forgive MyselfIn Forgiveness: I Just Can’t Forgive Myself, Robert D. Jones identifies five possible assumptions behind the longing for self-forgiveness. In the process, he pinpoints a deeper problem – and a deeper solution to ongoing guilt. By dispelling a number of misconceptions, Jones clears the path to a joyful realization of complete forgiveness in Christ. Order.

fathers choice

Tony’s life changes the moment he learns he’s going to be a father. A casual relationship grows serious and he faces a choice that will ultimately be made for him. Tony tries to persuade his girlfriend to keep their baby but she chooses abortion and Tony blames himself. Did he say the wrong things? Was he just not good enough? Would he ever get another chance to be a father?

Tony’s experience shows that abortion isn’t just a women’s issue, but one that can also affect men in unexpected ways. Order.

Men and Abortion: Finding Healing, Restoring HopeEach abortion involves both a man and a woman and often leaves them wounded and confused, immediately or even years later. Abortion causes multiple losses: the child, the relationship, self-worth, and hope. Men and Abortion: Finding Healing, Restoring Hope recognizes that abortion debases fatherhood as it violates a man’s instinct to protect and care for those he loves.  Free download.

Swallowed by a SnakeSwallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing is an acclaimed contribution to the existing literature about coping with loss, blending folklore, cross-cultural analysis, and clinical advice to help  men and women understand the specific context and needs of grieving men. Order.


SaveOne: The Men's StorySaveOne: The Men’s Study is for men seeking deliverance from the pain and guilt of an abortion experience. It will help you pinpoint the debilitating issues of forgiveness, anger, and wrong thoughts and guide you toward God’s grace and renewal of your mind. Order.

Fatherhood_Lost_ImageFatherhood Lost: Leading a Bible Study to Help Fathers Heal After an Abortion. Not a Bible study per se, this manual offers instead a step-by-step communication model that can be used to guide any Bible study on the subject. Free download.

Arrows_209Missing Arrows Bible Study. Lost fatherhood includes fatherhood lost to abortion. Even when the law of the land makes no sense, God is our compass to keep our thinking straight. When loss occurs we have permission from God to grieve and be comforted! This bible study is designed to help you grieve and recover. Free download.

Repairing His StoryRepairing His Story is a five-session Bible study for men related to an abortion experience. The study can be done individually or, for maximum benefit, in a group. Structured around the grief cycle, the study focuses on the names of God that reveal His character and desire to heal. Leader’s guide and student manual available. Both come with Daily Contentment with GodOrder.

Daily Contentment with GodWhether you need daily inspiration, a therapeutic guide for serious emotional recovery, or a spiritual lift, Daily Contentment With God will provide insights from God for living. Each of the 366 devotionals is centered on human needs, applying Scripture to that need. Order.

Healing a Father's HeartAn insightful Bible study for men touched by abortion, Healing a Father’s Heart helps these “silent, wounded warriors” move from denial to acceptance and forgiveness through God’s love. Order.

Facilitating Biblical HealingFacilitating Biblical Healing – Men: The Complete Leader’s Guide is the leader’s guide for use with Healing a Father’s Heart: A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Men. Contains foundations for ministry, comprehensive guidelines and other resource materials. Order.


Men Hurt Too brochureThis easy-read brochure tells why men suffer from the aftereffects of abortion, what the symptoms are, and how to treat the symptoms. Also available in Spanish. Order Men Hurt Too.

Forgotten_FathersMen who do not hide their feelings often describe the abortion experience as bewildering and painful beyond their coping abilities. An excellent aid to help us understand and assist with this situation. Order Forgotten Fathers.

Find healing, love, forgiveness and grace.Bulletin insert assures post-abortive men and women that your church is a place to heal, find love, and receive Christ’s forgiveness and grace without judgment. Free download.


The Vitae Monologues, from Epiphany Studio Productions. A groundbreaking two-person drama based on eye-opening and compelling true stories of men and women who have found healing and forgiveness after abortion. Order DVD.

Men Hurt Too. An estimated five million men in the United States are struggling emotionally and psychologically after the abortion of their children. When abortion interrupts a man’s natural desire to provide for and protect his family, he may be left with feelings of guilt, inadequacy and anger. This episode from Season 1 of Facing Life Head-On features three such men: movie producer Jonathan Flora, firefighter Jeff Phipps, and Tripp Curtis, father of 12. They share their stories to help other men can find healing and hope. Order DVD.

Men in the Aftermath, from Season 3 of Facing Life Head-On. Retired sports anchor John Morales and film producer Jason Jones led very different lives, but each suffered the same traumatic experience: anger, depression, commitment issues and guilt over the loss of his child to abortion.

John begged his girlfriend to reconsider her decision to abort. She refused and demanded he pay for the abortion. Jason and his girlfriend, then high school sophomores, agreed to provide for their baby. But the baby was never born, the relationship ended, and Jason struggled with a legal system that allowed someone to kill his child. Order DVD.


Hidden VictimsHidden Victims discusses the effects of abortion on men and how to address them. (PowerPoint presentation; formerly Can You Hear Their Pain?) Order.

The Forgotten Dad AudioGiving voice to men who are often overlooked on Father’s Day and any other day: men who’ve lost a child to abortion. Audio presentation. Listen.