What I wish I had been told

I had never had a child before so I did not know what to expect when my girlfriend became pregnant. I had my own thoughts on the subject, like I need to get a job and I need to tell the families. I also was given other people’s thoughts on the subject. Their thoughts were

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There is No Unforgiveness in Heaven

Whether a person believes the Bible is the Word of God or not, it still has some important things to say about the nature of human beings. According the scriptures people were made in the image of God and have an eternal quality to their nature. In other words human beings are designed to live

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Book Review: Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion

Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion, edited by Rachel MacNair, approaches the contentious topic of abortion through the lens of peace psychology. Part One of the book covers topics on which both pro-choice and pro-life individuals tend to agree such as intimate partner violence, coercion to abort, sex trafficking, war, and gendercide.  Part Two looks at

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