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Book Review: Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion

Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion, edited by Rachel MacNair, approaches the contentious topic of abortion through the lens of peace psychology. Part One of the book covers topics on which both pro-choice and pro-life individuals tend to agree such as intimate partner violence, coercion to abort, sex trafficking, war, and gendercide.  Part Two looks at

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What’s a Man to Do?!

At a recent pro-abortion rally in Dublin, Ireland, male attendees were reminded (by a speaker referred to as Amanda) to “know their place.” The men being stridently scolded weren’t protesting abortion; rather, they were there to support women. Yet, they were targeted by the speaker who emphasized that men may be permitted to support women’s

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Mark David Pickup Shares Personal Abortion Story

Recently, an interesting blog post concerning elective abortion was published by Canadian Mark David Pickup. In the post, Mr. Pickup disclosed that, during his adolescence, he and his girlfriend experienced an unplanned pregnancy and he pressured her to abort. He summarized the situation in these words: “I did not want a baby, I wanted to

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